Your contribution, at any level, helps cover substantial costs that exceed regular registration fees. Your partnership with us brings a stunning, diverse lineup of performers, new music, worship experiences, workshops, and world-class venues to life.

Make a secure, online donation using PayPal, or your credit or debit card: select the “Contribute Now” button below.

Or you may mail a check to Mike Kaberline, Treasurer, 2 Holly Ridge Court, Swansea, Illinois 62226‐2322

Levels of Contributions

  • Benefactor: $10,000 and above
  • Posaune: $7,500
  • Bombard: $5,000
  • Solo: $2,750
  • 2026: Club $2026 Club (All contributions this level and higher will be invited to a July 4th Fireworks viewing party at the Hyatt.
  • Swell: $1,000
  • Great: $500
  • Choir: $250
  • Foundation: $100
  • Friend: Up to $99

Via Paypal you may opt for a monthly payment with balance due by December 31, 2025. As of March, 2024 there are 22 months until December of 2025.

There will be special opportunities to sponsor New Music Commissions, Performers, Venues, Receptions, and other convention related experiences. If you would like more information, please contact John Walsh at